Our Farmers

Farming is tough and requires a rare breed. Someone to plough on in the face of weather conditions, import competition or falling prices

Meat imports to the UK have doubled over the last 20 years, meaning British farmers have struggled to get a fair price for their produce. By supporting British farming, we can boost the economies of communities across the UK and ensure the highest standards of animal welfare.

We work closely with our farmers and suppliers so that they, and you, get the most out of all the hard work. Our Farming Groups cover meat and produce, including beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, pork, salmon, milk and eggs.

These Groups were set up to make it easier for farmers to collaborate, both with us and other farms, and to protect animal welfare and prices.

Fresh meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and milk, everything we sell is sourced from suppliers who are passionate about what they produce and how they produce it. Everyone we work with has been chosen because they share our belief in honesty, fairness and trust, and are able to work to our strict standards in welfare and quality. In return, our Farming Groups provide networks that help farmers share knowledge and invest in their farms.

Everything we do is based on five pillars, which we encourage our farms to incorporate into their farming practices too. Farms are then assessed every year and awarded Bronze, Silver or Gold. As farms progress through the pillars, they receive an additional premium according to the level they achieve. These pillars cover:

  • Animal Health, welfare & quality
  • Community
  • Responsible Resource
  • Environmental Impact
  • People & Skills

By doing all of this it means our customers can enjoy our food, knowing they can trust where it’s come from, farmers are supported and animals are treated properly.

Find out how we work together to make sure you can always buy high-quality meat and produce at affordable prices.

Our 7 farming groups

While some farms in our Farming Groups do things differently because of their areas of specialism, they do all share some key principles:

  • Holding regular meetings to discuss issues, swap ideas and best practice, and drive improvements
  • Regular checks by our agricultural teams or an independent third party to make sure that standards of animal welfare, sustainability, environmental impact, and ethical and training practices are being maintained
  • Being paid a premium price for their produce

Because of these Farming Group principles, no matter which store you buy from, quality and ethical values come guaranteed.