When you buy our mouth-watering lamb, you’ll also be supporting British farmers

As part of our commitment to providing 100% British lamb all year round, we have extended our Lamb Farming Group to include a total of 32 farms from Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England.

We work collectively to ensure the availability of high-quality British lamb 365 days of the year. Placing a sharp focus on animal welfare, environmental impact and farm efficiency, we aim to create long-term relationships with our agricultural partners, as well as sustainable and transparent supply chains.

Meet the Producer - Phil

Co-op is really proud of its British lamb, meet Phil, one of the farmers who produces it – and a few furry faces too.

Phil is from Axminster, Devon, where he breeds lambs for Co-op and is part of our British Lamb Farming Group – a collection of farmers from throughout the United Kingdom who meet up to talk meat and learn more about the supply chain.

Phil produces delicious British lamb for the Co-op. Taking over the farm from his dad, Frank, he comes from a family of farmers stretching all the way back to 1650.

After studying engineering, Phil returned to farm the sheep. Meanwhile, his brother Danny grows the wheat, barley and oats that feed Phil’s 900 ewes and keeps the farm self-contained.

'When someone says, “I tried your lamb, and it was better than any I’ve had before,” it’s a great feeling. I want my lamb to taste as good as possible, so I’m experimenting with different ways of feeding — they’re currently on a grass-only diet so I can see if it affects the taste. Everybody loves a good roast, don’t they?’

Phil uses sheepdogs because, he says, it makes for even tastier lamb. ‘You can flap your arms at a sheep all you like, but it won’t move,’ Phil explains, leaning on the Bo Peep-style crook it turns out shepherds actually use in real life. ‘And if you herded them up on a quad bike, they’d get really stressed. Using dogs means the sheep are happier, which means I’m happier. And a happy lamb is a tasty one.’

To make sure Phil’s lamb is the best quality possible, the flocks are free to roam and the sheep stay outside all year round, except for a few weeks during lambing season in spring.

As a young farmer supplying produce to Co-op, Phil, 33, is a member of the Co-op Farming Pioneers programme, which supports young producers and gets them together to share ideas and network. ‘Otherwise, I’d never get to meet new people,’ he laughs.

  • 100% of our fresh lamb and chilled prepared meals are sourced from farms in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

  • All our lamb farmers are accredited to a national farm assurance scheme, such as Red Tractor, which ensures good standards of animal welfare. These schemes cover aspects such as the housing of animals and stocking densities, feed and water, health and veterinary controls, breeding, traceability and transportation. Our farms work with an independent third party to measure their performance and drive long-term improvement. We visit these farms when possible throughout the year and undertake welfare checks at all abattoirs.

    Find out more about animal welfare

  • We have carried out a number of projects including taste tests to ensure we can deliver quality British lamb all year round. We have carefully selected farmers from across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland who work collectively to ensure the availability of high-quality British lamb 365 days a year.