5 a day

How can we make sure we get 5 a day? What does 5 a day look like?

Fruit and veg are packed full of the nutrients that help us stay healthy, fight colds and feel more energetic. We have promotions throughout the year when certain fruits and veg are in season, so you can make the most of a bumper crop for less.

We also clearly label which foods and drinks contain one of your 5 a day, so you can easily make the right choice.

We recommend eating a variety of different coloured fruit and veg every day. Take a look at our colourful portion size guides and recipes for some nutrition inspiration!

Eat more of your 5 a day

Mighty whites

From the woodland mushroom to the Sunday roast cauliflower, white veg are often versatile and filling, forming the staple of many classic meals. After all, where would we be without onions?

  • 14 button mushrooms - A source of vitamins B2 and B5, folic acid and fibre 1 large parsnip - High in fibre 3 tbsp of chopped turnip - High in protein & a source of fibre & vitamin C 1 medium onion - High in fibre & a source of protein 3 tbsp of chickpeas - A source of folic acid & fibre 8 florets of cauliflower - High in vitamin C 3 tbsp of chopped swede - High in fibre & a source of vitamin C

One pot cauliflower bake

Customise this quick cauliflower cheese by adding crispy bacon or extra veg, like broccoli.

Red and ready

Although red is often the colour for danger in nature, there’s nothing dangerous about fruit and veg with a rosy tone. No summer is complete without strawberries and tomatoes are the staple of a good Italian meal. Delicious and juicy, red is the colour when you need a real vitamin C kick.

  • 1 medium tomato - High in vitamin C 7 slices of beetroot - High in vitamin C 2 handfuls of raspberries - High in vitamin C 7 strawberries - High in vitamin C and fibre 14 cherries - A source of fibre 2 tbsp of cooked rhubarb - High in fibre 10 radishes - High in fibre & protein & a source of vitamin C & folic acid

Spaghetti with roasted tomatoes

This tasty pasta dish is packed full of Italian flavours. And you'll be eating in just 25 minutes.

Green is good

Your parents always told you to eat your greens and they were right. Green veg come in range of sizes and textures and can provide rich flavours or the perfect accompaniment to a lighter meal. And every salad definitely needs a little greenery.

  • 2 inch slice of cucumber - A source of fibre Half an avocado - A source of fibre & vitamin E 3 tbsp of peas - High in fibre & a source of vitamin A & C 1 medium apple - High in fibre 1 cereal bowl of lettuce - A source of fibre & folic acid 2 spears of broccoli - A source of folic acid & high in protein 1 cereal bowl of spinach - High in folic acid

Orange isn't just a fruit

Think orange and you immediately think of sweet and juicy fruit. A brilliant source of vitamin C, our orange heroes also stretch beyond the bowl to include the ever popular carrot.

  • 2 satsuma/clementines - High in vitamin C & fibre 2 x 2 inch slice of mango - High in vitamin A & C 1 medium orange - High in vitamin C 150ml of orange juice - High in vitamin C 3 tbsp of sliced carrots - High in vitamin A 1 nectarine - High in vitamin C 2 inch slice of papaya - High in fibre & vitamin C

Orange and cranberry cous cous

This zesty dish is a great quick fix lunch, or serve as the ideal side for Co-op smoked salmon.

Mellow yellows

These vibrant fruit and veg include the perfect hand-shaped snack called a banana as well as some of your breakfast favourites when it comes to a citrus wake-me-up such as grapefruit . Yellow tastes good all year round and fully deserves its place in your 5 a day.

  • 1 cob of corn - High in fibre 3 whole apricots - High in fibre 1 medium banana - Source of potassium, manganese & vitamin B6 2 inch slice or 2 rings of pineapple - A source of vitamin C Half a pepper - High in vitamin C Half a grapefruit - High in fibre & vitamin C 2 slices of melon

Sweetcorn and ricotta pancakes

These savoury-sweet pancakes are perfect for breakfast or brunch. Why not add a topping of strawberries or blueberries to really get started on your 5 a day.

Sing the blues

And praise the purples. When there’s a blue hue in your fruit or veg then you’re going to enjoy some delicious tastes. A bunch of grapes is great way to fill your stomach while plums can offer a sweet substitute for the lunchtime chocolate bar.

  • 2 medium plums - High in fibre & vitamin A 1 handful of blackberries - High in fibre & a source of vitamin C & E 2 whole dried figs - A source of fibre 2 handfuls of blueberries - A source of vitamin C 2 whole dried prunes - A source of fibre 1 handful of grapes

Blueberry and cottage cheese salad

Cheese and berries may sound unusual, but they go together really well. This quick salad is perfect for summer, and gets you well on the way to 5 a day.

How you can get more veg in your diet

We all know we should eat our ‘5 a day’ but not many of us actually achieve this. This could be due to lack of time or lack of inspiration. Check out our Co-op food magazine, our recipes or social media for some inspiring veg recipes and look out for our ‘5 a day’ messages on product packs. We also have storage advice on all of our veg to give you the greatest chance of using it before it goes off.

Breakfast & Lunch

Breakfast • Weekend fry-up? include plenty of mushrooms, tomatoes, baked beans

Lunch • Mix your salad up with a Co-op bean salad tin • Add salad to sandwiches • Roast your favourite veg and add to cous cous • Make soup to use up any leftover veg • Mash avocado on a cheese sandwich instead of mayonnaise

Main Meals

• Use sweet potato for chips or wedges • Stir frys are a great quick and easy meal • Add plenty of veg to casseroles • Add some sliced veg to pizza • Make cauliflower ‘rice’ instead of rice • Cook frozen veg pouches as a quick side dish, or add to soups and sauces. • On a BBQ, make veggie skewers and have corn on the cob • Add veggies and cooked potato to upgrade an omelette to a meal • Grate carrot in Bolognese or use courgetti instead • Add kidney beans to your chilli – or go all out and make a 3 bean chilli • Add sweet potato or sweetcorn to curries • Add spring onions, leeks, cabbage, peas to mash. Or make from veggies such as broccoli, carrot, celeriac & sweet potato • Add peas to pasta sauces. Use slice aubergine or butternut squash instead of lasagne sheets

Snacks & others

• Chop up carrots, peppers, cucumber, celery and dip in hummus • Make vegetable crisps by slicing thinly and baking in the oven • Grate cucumber into plain yoghurt for a dip with corn chips or chopped veg • Order a side of veg or salad in restaurants • Add veg to your smoothies • Make hummus using different beans, pulses, veg • Add veg to baking – beetroot, courgette and carrot work well in cakes

Say Peas Please

We’re committed to making it easier for you to eat more veg. As part of this, we’ve made a pledge to the Food Foundation’s Peas Please campaign to focus on more veg in our products and meal deals and providing inspiration for Co-op shoppers.

You can find out more about Peas Please on the link below.