Fairtrade Cocoa

Meet the Producer

Watch Awa Traore's story and find out how buying Fairtrade products can improve the lives of women on the Ivory Coast.

In May 2017 we became the first UK retailer to source all our cocoa on Fairtrade terms

That means that all the cocoa we use, from the chocolate sprinkle on our doughnuts through to the chocolate chips on our Irresistible cookies is benefitting Fairtrade cocoa farmers. Our commitment brings around £450,000 per year in Premiums to farmers across West Africa and Central America.

In West Africa, as part of our commitment to Fairtrade cocoa, we are investing in the funding of Fairtrade Africa’s Women’s Leadership School. Over the next year, the Leadership School will work with women from seven farmer groups in Cote D’Ivoire. The women will be trained in business skills such as decision making, managing resources, and leadership, so that they can go on to take up more important roles in their farmer organisations and communities.

Women make up almost half the agricultural workforce in developing countries but they only account for around a fifth of the farmers in Fairtrade organisations. Often women are restricted from taking part because they don’t own land or crops, or because farming work isn’t seen as appropriate for them. This programme will help to break down stereotypes and change opportunities for women. We know that where women are empowered to make decisions, life improves. Not just for the women, but for their families and their communities.