Latitude is better together

This summer we are coming to four of the UK’s favourite festivals. Our next stop is Latitude, bringing people together with a major store in the heart of the campsite. Pack light, chill out and together we’ll give you the best festival experience ever.

Come visit us:

Thursday 12th July

12pm - 3am

Friday 13th - Sunday 15th July

7am - 3am

Monday 16th July

7am - 12pm

A new way to shop with Co-op

You can stock up on your festival essentials while you’re there and lug less in your backpack. We’ll be offering beer, snacks, water, wine and toiletries and much more. You can even pay with the tap of your card using contactless payment if you choose not to carry cash.

As well as your festival essentials you can check out our greenscreen where you can take amazing pics and catch our in-store DJ as you shop.

Hands up for tickets

Hands up for tickets

You and a friend could be joining us at one of this summer’s festivals by entering our competition. Simply click on the link below, provide a few details and start dreaming about great music, cold drinks and fresh food.

We'll see you on site

10 things you don’t need to pack

· Ponchos… it wouldn’t be a festival without one · Big bags of ice for G&Ts · Sun lotion to avoid going beetroot · Sandwiches for between performances · Wet wipes to smell divine · Fresh fruit for essential Vitamin C · Ice creams for a sweet experience · Bottles of wine to better appreciate the poetry

Clean, green machines

Clean, green machines

We’ve installed two clever vending machines on-site so you can recycle your empty plastic bottles. All you need to do is return your empty Co-op plastic bottles to one of these vending machines and you’ll receive a voucher to redeem in our festival store, or if you don’t want the voucher, you can opt to donate your deposit to our Co-op Foundation charity.

Fast, no fuss-payments

Fast, no fuss-payments

A wad of cash is another thing you don’t need to carry with you. Thanks to festival partners Barclaycard you can pay for your stuff with a speedy swipe of your bank card.