Meet the producer

Co-op Irresistible pizzas are made using an authentic Italian ‘mother dough’ called Arturo handed down through the generations. Meet the Italian family behind the recipe.

In Italy, where food is everything, families give their ‘mother doughs’ a name. “Ours dough is called Arturo,’ says chef Gianna Greco, who lives and works in Lecce, Southern Italy, ‘to remember an old uncle of my mother’s who lived far away.”

When a little of the mixture is taken to make bread or pizza, the remaining piece is ‘fed’ more flour and water to keep it alive. In this way, the family have passed Arturo down from mother to daughter for more than 70 years.

‘The foundation of any pizza is its dough, so we wanted to use the very best ingredients for our new Irresistible range,’ says Kate Addison, product developer at Co-op. ‘When we heard about Arturo, we knew it would help make our new range unique.’

Keep it in the family

As in many Italian families, Gianna learned how to cook from her mother, Rita, who in turn learned from her mother.

By looking after this mother dough with love and care, it has become part of the fabric of the family. ‘When it was time for our daughters to get married, we gave them a piece of Arturo and taught them how to take care of it, so they could do the same,’ Rita says.


Creative toppings

To complement this unique dough, the team at Co-op had to make sure their toppings were equally special. The tomato sauce, for instance, is made using crushed San Marzano tomatoes, renowned among Italian chefs for their superb flavour.

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