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We all hate the feeling of throwing food away, especially when we know it’s still delicious and perfectly edible, which is why we've launched Co-op Food Share, our programme designed to reduce food waste locally.

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What is Co-op Food Share?

Co-op Food Share is our new, national food redistribution programme that enables our stores to donate good quality food directly to local community groups.

As a part of running our busy shops, there’s usually some food that we aren’t able to sell to customers at the end of each day. This food can be offered for free to approved partners that can put it to good use feeding people in the community.

To become a Food Share Partner organisations must: • Commit to collecting fresh food from stores regularly and reliably • Use food donations to feed people in the community • Be a not-for-profit organisation • Be registered as a food premise with the local authority

More information about registering with local authority can be found on the government website here.

The food you’ll get will vary depending on what’s available on the day.

Approved partners can collect all of the store’s surplus food before its expiry date in the evening (within 2 hours of closing time). Evening donations will typically be bakery, fruit and veg and also some fresh meat and chilled products.

If you can’t get to stores in the evening, following day collections will include products that are in good condition and carry a “best before” date including bakery fruit and veg and occasionally some longer life tins, packets and bottled products.

To apply to become a partner, simply click on the link below to be taken to our application form. The form is really easy to complete and asks a few details about your organisation and what the food will be used for.

Following submission of the form we will be in touch, usually within a month, to let you know if your application has been approved.

Once approved, someone from your matched store will contact you to arrange a meeting in store to kick off the relationship and arrange future collection times.

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