Fairtrade Bananas

We were the first UK retailer to sell Fairtrade bananas in 2000

During Fairtrade Fortnight in 2012 we moved 100% of our bananas to Fairtrade. We’ve also gone beyond Fairtrade to support banana producers in Panama and the Dominican Republic by investing additional funds for community projects.

We’ve been working with Chito’s co-operative, COOBANA since 2007, when we supported them into the Fairtrade system. By paying a premium before they were Fairtrade certified, we worked with them to improve members access to water and sanitation. We’ve also been supporting COOBANA members to improve their housing. So far 25 families have built new roofs, bathroom and kitchen facilities in their homes.

Using our Fairtrade bananas, why not make our tasty banoffee pie?

Why not rustle up this indulgent Banoffee Pie. Made with Fairtrade sugar and chocolate and topped with Fairtrade bananas, you can enjoy this dessert even more knowing it's made with ingredients that do good.