Fairtrade Wine

In 2001, Co-op became the first retailer to launch own-brand fairly traded wine

We’re proud to be the world’s largest Fairtrade wine retailer, it’s something we’ve been passionate about since we created this new Fairtrade opportunity in the wine market. In 2001 we were the first retailer to launch an own-brand fair trade wine - the Co-op Chilean Carmenere in partnership with Traidcraft. Since then, we’ve helped to develop the Fairtrade standards for wine and gone to on invest in projects to improve communities in Argentina and South Africa.

In Argentina, Lara and Juan will soon be graduating from the Co-op funded school. Their father works for La Riojana co-op, who have been supplying the Co-op with Fairtrade wine since 2006. Fairtrade premiums and additional Co-op funding helped to build the school Lara and Juan attend, as well as secure a water supply to her village. We’re now working with La Riojana to build a new healthcare centre.

Chilean Fairtrade Wine

In Chile there are few smallholders and the wine business is monopolised by big businesses. Very few women work in wine and if they do, not at a leadership level. Caupolican co-operative who produce our Co-op Camenere and box of red wine have broken the mould. This winery is not only run by a woman, but the workforce is made up of 50% women too. They use the Fairtrade Premium to provide bursaries to workers for training and education and have funded a library in a primary school. See more of the story here

La Riojana Co-operative - Argentina

Fairtrade #TheCoopWay makes great things happen in communities around the world, like the community in Tilimuqui, Argentina that produce wine.

South African Fairtrade Wine

We've funded a range of projects with our South African wine producers Du Toitskloof, Stellenrust Merwida and Bosman. This contribution is democratically invested each year by the producers in a range of projects including supporting education and improving housing.