Water. It's the stuff of life. And for many around the world it's in short supply. We all have a role to play in addressing this problem.

According to the UN, 884 million people do not have access to improved drinking water and more than 2.4 billion lack access to a basic, hygienic toilet. We want you to join us in making a significant difference to changing this.

Working in partnership with The One Foundation, Coop has spent the last 12 years investing in clean water, sanitation and hygiene projects in Africa. We also are pioneering partners for Water Unite, and now, every bottle of water bought in a Co-op helps to support clean water projects and changes lives.*

You've made the difference

By buying our water, you've helped The One Foundation to fund water, sanitation and hygiene programmes across the world.

  • Raising £9.5milion to date for clean water projects
  • In 2017 we drilled 10 new boreholes and fixed 300 broken pumps, reaching 150,000 people
  • Supporting Fairtrade sugar, tea and flower growers through pump repair and borehole drilling
  • Providing water access for 4 humanitarian crises in 2017 alone
  • Building rainwater harvesting systems and safe toilets in schools

In April 2017, we signed up as pioneer partners to Water Unite (Global Investment Fund for Water), so now every branded bottled water that we sell contributes 1p per litre to the fund, which aims to end water poverty globally by 2030. Together with Co-op water, this means you help us to donate over £2million a year to clean water and sanitation projects across the world. So, when you buy water from Co-op, feel proud.

Read more about Water Unite. here.

The Mpeni Village borehole was built in 2014 to provide clean water to 70 households in the community - 420 people. Before the pump, the women of Mpeni collected water from an open well at the bottom of a steep hill 1km away.

This was a difficult journey in rainy season, with many women falling during the walk and spilling their water on the way. The village valued the new pump so highly that a village water committee has been built to keep the vital system running smoothly – including a water tariff and village roster.

Mpeni is now a model example of a successful and sustainable clean water programme. Community member, Thoko Mathotho says: “We’re so grateful for the work in our village. We often suffered illness when we drank from the unprotected water source and Cholera was present in our village. We have seen a reduction in disease over the last two years since we have been drinking water from the water pump. With the time saved on collecting water we can now tend to our fields and plant crops”.

How buying Co-op Water can help to change 1.8m lives

Thanks to everyone who has bought a bottle of Co-op Water; together, we've really made a difference.

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