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Saving stamps

£2 extra* just for you! Our saving stamps can be spent at any time of the year, but many customers find our stamps a convenient way to help spread the cost of Christmas. Redeem your completed savings book worth £48 in store during December and we'll give you a £2 bonus. What better way to treat your family to all their Christmas favourites than with the money you've saved throughout the year?

How does it work?

The Co-op’s saving stamps scheme enables shoppers to save a little each week throughout the year to make Christmas more affordable.

Customers can pick up a savings stamp book in store. Customers can also buy £1 saving stamps each time they shop. Customers stick the stamps they have bought in their book and watch their savings grow.

When a customer has completed their saving stamps book, or saved all they want, they hand the book to a Co-op cashier when they shop. The amount saved will be deducted from their shopping bill (subject to the terms and conditions below).

If a customer redeems a completed book containing £48 worth of saving stamps in December, the Co-op will deduct £50 from their shopping bill (subject to the terms and conditions below).

No. You can spend whatever you have saved. Full or part completed saving stamps books can be redeemed at any time, subject to the terms and conditions.

No. Customers can use their stamps on different shopping trips. But please note that partially completed or partially redeemed books will not qualify for the £2 December bonus.

One saving stamp = £1.

No. Saving stamps books can be redeemed at any time (subject to the terms and conditions below).

Customers’ money is placed into a bank account that is operated by a trustee who is independent of the Co-operative Group. The trust structure is intended to offer a strong level of protection for savers’ money if Co-operative Group Food Limited becomes insolvent. For more information on how funds are protected, please refer to the terms and conditions below.

The Co-op is not responsible for lost or damaged saving stamps books. Customers must keep their saving stamps books safe. Customers will be unable to redeem their saving stamps without a valid saving stamps book.

No. We set the trust fund up because we feel a scheme like this is needed in the interests of consumer protection.

The Co-op brand is held in high trust among consumers, and trust in our savings scheme has never been in doubt. However, the Farepak Victims Committee have done considerable work in raising the profile of this issue and, particularly at a time of economic hardship, consumers want the reassurance of an increased level of protection for their money. In 2013 we felt it was the right time to do this.

We did it because we're a consumer-owned business and we felt that action was needed to protect consumers.

We’ve had considerable help from the FVC in helping us to understand the issue.

The Christmas Prepayment Association is a self-regulating body, whose members consist largely of specialist Christmas savings companies. As far as we are aware, there is no large UK retail chain offering Christmas stamp savings with the protection of a trust in structure.

We may yet do. However, its membership is limited to a small number of specialist companies and we feel that at present we are best doing it under our own auspices, particularly given the size of our food store network. We hope our trust will act as a model for others.

Co-op Gift Cards

At the Co-op we stock all sorts of items to celebrate special occasions - like champagne, cakes, balloons and flowers. However, if you'd prefer to leave the choice of gift to the recipient, why not send them one of our Gift Cards?

You can add whatever cash value you like to one of our gift cards, then the holder can redeem them against any purchase at any of our Co-op stores/ So show them you care - give them a Co-op Gift Card today.

Co-op gift card terms and conditions

Gift cards should be treated like cash – we cannot be held liable for lost, stolen or damaged cards, any credit amounts on such cards or fraudulent use of your card. The gift card is not a cheque guarantee, credit or charge card and no interest is paid on gift card balances. The gift card can be used in any Co-operative Group food store within the UK and the balance on the card may be used for in-store purchases in full or part payment for goods (excluding lottery, fuel or third party concession products or services) at any time whilst the card is valid. You must present the gift card at the checkout to use the balance. Unfortunately at this time you cannot use the card when shopping online.

You can activate your card, check your balance and (if your card is reloadable) load more funds of a minimum of [£1] up to a total balance of £1000 at the checkout. The amount deposited on or redeemed from a card will be shown on the till receipt after each use, which you should keep.

No change can be given from the card or the balance on the card exchanged for cash. If any item purchased with a card is exchanged or refunded by us, any money owed will be added to the balance on the gift card.

The card remains valid for a period of 24 months from your last transaction (including balance enquiries). You will not be able to use your card after the end of this period and any unused balance on the card will be lost.

Please be aware that if you purchase the card online and the item goes missing in the post, we are not liable to replace, compensate or refund any funds that may have been lost. If you selected 'Standard Recorded' delivery, we will investigate this for you and provide you with relevant information.

We reserve the right to amend the gift card terms and conditions, to cancel or refuse to accept a gift card where we have reason to believe it is being used fraudulently or otherwise without authorisation or discontinue the card scheme at any time. A refund may be offered in appropriate circumstances.

Nothing in these terms and conditions shall affect your statutory rights.

We will not keep money deposited on cards separate from our own funds. Card balances are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme or the Financial Ombudsman Service. We issue the cards. We are Co-operative Group Limited, 1 Angel Square, Manchester, M60 0AE, a society registered in England and Wales with registration number 525R.